Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Acwerk Health Care 2010

Leprosy Day at Mettur on 31 January, 2010 - Children at `Sudarozhi’ Home, Mettur

Acwerk Rural Development Foundation
183/1/91, Plot 7a, Fourth Cross Street, Vivekananda Avenue
New Fairlands, Salem-636016, Tamilnadu - INDIA
Phone:91.0427.2430702, Fax:91.0427.2331052, Email:acwerk1@gmail.com

· Accessible Rural Health Care for disabled and needy
· A Cause  related to community and education

Cause - Leprosy Disabled - Leprosy Day, 31 January, 2010
Lerosy Day at Mettur was initiated by `Acwerk’. It was held at four places in Mettur and Omalur between 3 to 9 P.M. Food was prepared by J. Elizabeth at Omalur Centre, sarees and dhotis were distributed to fifty cured Leprosy patients at Mettur and Omalur Centre’s, forty five children at `Ramakrishna Mutt and thirty five children and ten adults at `Sudarozhi’, Mettur were served food and stationery distributed.
On 31 January eleven members of `Acwerk’, five members from `Ramakrishna Mutt’ and four members from `Sudarozhi’  participated and shared the occasion.
The children and visually disabled were very happy to share the evening with us and we also shared some of their day-to-day experiences in their respective homes.

Cause, of caring for the disabled has been our main aim in rural Salem since December 1998.
At Acwerk Dasasamudram (Omalur) and Navapatty (Mettur) Centre’s:
2004 to 2010:  248 Leprosy patients were diagnosed and cured.
At Acwerk Thangamapuripattinam and Navapatty Centre’s (Mettur)
1999-2003: 629 Leprosy patients were diagnosed and cured.
Leprosy Day has been held every year since inception and the rehabilitated patients were visited and reviewed. A prevention of deformity clinic is regularly conducted at the Centre’s.

Pictures on Left: First two pictures from Ramakrishna Mutt, Mettur, third to fifth at Sudarozhi, Mettur, sixth at Navapatty Centre, S. Daniel-Lab Technician presenting sari to a Leprosy cured patient and seventh, J. Elizabeth after preparation of food at Dasasasamudram Centre, Omalur.
A link is provided to view Management of Disability at Mettur;

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