Sunday, December 5, 2010

Prevention of Deformity in Leprosy

Prevention of Deformity Clinic conducted at Navapatty, Mettur.
N. Lakshmi, 43 year old cured Leprosy patient being reviewed for Trophic Ulcers of digits, both hands. Pic. 25 June, 2010

Prevention of deformity in Leprosy: Clinics were conducted at Dasasamudram (Omalur) and Navapatty (Mettur) Cebtre’s.
The objective is to detect early Leprosy and prevent nerve damage with or without anaesthetic patches, with peripheral or surface nerve involvement, diagnose, treat and conduct regular prevention of deformity clinics. To train and educate patients in care of hands and feet and review their condition from time to time after they are cured.
Forty six patients were detected with early Leprosy this year. Most of them were Ployneuritic type and few of them presented anaesthetic patches, mostly on the exposed areas of their extremities. While twenty six patients are under treatment, all are advised to attend prevention of deformity clinics. Forty percent attendance rate was recorded even though they were made aware of the consequences if neglected. The defaulters are approached in their homes periodically and reviewed by the health supervisor.
Medicines are issued free of cost for the entire period of management under medical supervision and a pair of MCR foot wear was also issued free of cost. All patients were given food and travel allowance and after they were cured they were provided with a monthly allowance.

Pictures below: Five were at Navapatty Centre, Mettur on 24 March, 2010, Sixth on 21 May . They were all detected on the same day and treatment started. Three were at Dasasamudram Centre. Seven and eight were on 12 May, nine on 5 May and the last one to show MCR Footwear to a cured Leprosy patient at Navapatty on 24 March, 2010. A link is provided to view the cinic on 24 March, 2010 at Navapatty;

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