Sunday, December 5, 2010


M. Pilavendran, Health Worker issuing medicines to patients at Dasasamudram on
14 July, 2010 at Dasasamudram

Medicines were issued to 2429 patients at both centre’s.
Purchases of medicines is done at Salem city on a monthly indent provided by the manager of clinic’s. A review of consumption of drugs and additional requirements is assessed by the doctor before indent is approved for purchase. 
Patients are satisfied with the medicines provided to them and have come to understand the efficacy of primary health care medication. We explain the undertone of stocking complex and potent schedule drugs at the center's and selective patients are issued prescriptions for purchase on the merit of the case.
Medicines are issued free of cost just as other facilities are and expected to. It is for this reason that patients seek medical advice that dissuades them from picking up drugs across the counter without a proper prescription.

Pictures on left;
Patients wait for medicines at Navapatty on 21 May.
Tuberculosis drugs on display - 25 June

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