Sunday, December 5, 2010

Acwerk Health Centres

53 Patients from 23 Villages attended Clinic at Dasasamudram Centre on 13 October, 2010

Acwerk Health Centre`s conducts screening in early detection of Leprosy and Tuberculosis at two Centres.
Two center's cater to the requirements, at Dasasamudram (Omalur) and Navapatty (Mettur);
1           Acwerk Rural Health Centre
                 4/121, Dasasamudram
                 Poosaripatty P.O. (Kadayampatty Block Jurisdiction)
                 Omalur Taluk, Salem District-636305, Tamilnadu - INDIA
2.          Acwerk Rural Health Centre
                 2/4.563, Mariamman Koil Street
                 Navapatty P.O. (Mettur Rural)
                 Mettur Taluk-636452, Tamilnadu - INDIA

The Centre at Dasasamudram is the main centre and functions six days a week between 10 AM to 2 PM. A manager of the Centre, a Health Supervisor, a Lab Technician, Three Health workers in distribution of Medicines and Registration of patients, a Driver and two Helpers  are involved in the functions of the Centre’s. The Navapatty Centre functions four times a month between 10 AM to 4 PM.
Screening of patients is done by the health supervisor and lab technician after the patients are registered. They are given health education and advise to consult the doctor with their preliminary reports.
Awareness of early signs of Leprosy and Tuberculosis is imparted to the patients along with the method by which they are managed at the centre. That is, on diagnosis of the relevant condition, initial medication is monitored, their medication and schedule explained, periodical lab screening and regular medical review every fifteen days.
2429 patients were registered and screened at the center's from 548 villages at Kadayampatty Block, Omalur Rural and Navapatty, Mettur Rural this year. Ninety percent of turn out were from Omalur Rural.

Pictures on left; 03 Nov. at Dasasamudram Registration Athiya Chinnaiyan (Acwerk Trustee) screening a Hypertensive patient and J. Elizabeth registering. Followed by screening and health education of a Leprosy patient by health supervisor on 04 Aug. At Navapatty on 10 Sept. and patients wait for consultation on the same day. The last picture shows two Leprosy patients at Navapatty being educated about early Leprosy by J. Elizabeth, on 24 Oct.
Navapatty Village is 47 Kms from Dasasamudram and quite interior when compared to accessible rural areas. Prevalence of Leprosy is  high in these parts.

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