Sunday, December 5, 2010

Medical Consultations

A very elderly lady consults for pain and swelling of her knee joints at Navapatty clinic on 30 July, 2010

Medical Practitioner: Dr. T.M. Chinnaiyan
Consultations are made at Dasasamudram between 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. every Wednesday’s and two Friday’s in a month at Navapatty, fortnightly.
66 Clinics were conducted in the two center's and 2429 consultations made this year.
Forty six patients with Early Leprosy and Eighteen with Tuberculosis were diagnosed and managed at the center's. Twenty six Leprosy patients and fourteen Tuberculosis patients are under treatment.
Mostly patients consult for skin problems, general complaints such as throat infection, orthopaedic, paediatric, hypertension and diabetes.
Patients follow advice and treatment promptly. They respond well to treatment and they seek guidance in specialized management elsewhere.
A conventional method of approach in patient care still holds good. Patients respond to a friendly and personal approach about their past history and attitude. We have observed that patients approach clinics to find a remedy for their ailments and we do not encourage an experimental attitude of hopping from one centre to another.
Prescriptions are given to each patient that includes a Lab request and advice as the case may be. Referrals are made for specialized medical management and diagnostic evaluation that are not available at the centre’s. We do sponsor few referrals who are unable to afford the cost of such specialized management.

Pictures on left in order of sequence;
Sixty year old S. Ebrahim, a manual labourer from Deevatipatty village, Omalur. A treated Tuberculosis patient at a TB Sanatorium with relapse and Early Leprosy. 05 May
Sixty year old S. Pappa, a manual worker from Navapatty village, Mettur.
Diagnosed as Early Leprosy. 21 May
Sixty eight year old P. Narayanan, a manual worker from Manganikadu village, Omalur. Cured Tuberculosis patient for review. 26 May
Fifty five year old C. Chinnapillai, a manual worker from Nattamangalam village, Mettur. Prevention of Deformity Clinic, Early Leprosy review. 25 June
Forty year old S. Selvi, a manual worker from Nattamangalam village, Mettur. Trauma left ankle joint. 25 June
A link is provided to view September Clinics in German by Athiya Chinnaiyan;

Acwerk Health Care Staistics 2010

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