Sunday, December 5, 2010

Acwerk 2011

Acwerk Rural Development Foundation
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Medical consultations and communication was a welcome change this year. A basic socio-educational attitude of charitable services expressed in the well-being of village people. 2429 consultations and 108 families were visited in the villages this year. We began to develop community  based awareness and screening services in villages of Omalur and Mettur. Towards the middle of the year the importance shifted to medical consultations associated with communication. Since we were unable to conduct any kind of field initiative it became necessary to improve and develop consultation practice in the health center's. A practice that has revealed to the rural people that their well-being is valued rather than the facilities that are accessible to them. The services rendered at the center's form a routine to evaluate a medical condition that is expressed in our socio-educational attitude of charitable services. We are grateful and satisfied that such a service became possible in 2010 and we are confident that we could make it better in the years to come.

When we look at the living conditions in these villages today it  challenges the need to survive. Transformation of farmers to manual workers, a gradual receding of village culture to an opportunistic living and high costs in day to day life have marred village sense. It is a great contrast to life in towns and cities. We have shared this experience and we have decided to combine forces with them to face such a challenge.

There is no dearth of health care institutions be it of the state or private. We propose a Centre in 2011 that caters to changing rural needs. A centre at Omalur rural to establish a Primary Health Centre, as our present centre requires expansion, a Textile job unit, as textile industry at Omalur is growing and a Farm to create job opportunities. An idea to educate and cultivate quality effort.

Acwerk has taken the initiative to invest in such a Centre at Omalur Rural, in purchase of a suitable place, construction and implementation of projects. We are glad to invite our associates abroad to participate in this endeavour to accomplish it. 

There are no institutions in the rural area that manages or treats disabled patients, especially Leprosy disabled. We  continue to keep in mind the importance of the cause when we proceed from here. This cause has inspired us to make and achieve many difficult tasks in the past. It is this faith that propels us to create mindful situations and be receptive to it.

We are grateful and I sincerely thank the benefactors, `Hilfswerk Indien Dr.Elisabeth Vomstein Schliengen’-Germany and `ST. Francis Leprosy Guild’, London, People and Patients from villages of Omalur and Mettur, Acwerk Staff, Members, Trustees, Auditor Mr. V. Ramesh and Associates and Well-Wisher’s at home and abroad.

Dr. T.M. Chinnaiyan
Managing Trustee

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