Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lab Screening

S. Daniel, Lab Technician at Dasasamudram on 14 July, 2010

Lab Screening 
468 patients were screened in lab for Skin, Tuberculosis and General Medical problems at the two center's.
Skin smear in Leprosy, Sputum smear and Tuberculin Testing in Tuberculosis is a routine carried out at the main centre three days a week. Routine screening of Tuberculosis, Diabetics and screening of General Medical problems are done on request of doctor.
Diagnostic screening is an important element in the psyche of patient. Patient’s are of the view that such an analytical evaluation supersedes medical acumen, that it is quite independent of clinical evaluation. We have to a great extent been judicious in our diagnostic screening and referrals in invasive diagnostic procedures.

Pictures on left;
Skin smear in a lady patient with early Leprosy on 12 May.
Tuberculin Testing in screening for Tuberculosis on 13 October.
Routine blood analysis in a patient with vascular problem. Stasis Ulcer, on 22 October - Navapatty Centre.
Tuberculosis screening of a boy on 25 August.
Tuberculosis screening of a girl on 21 May - Navapatty Centre.

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