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D. Joseph, Health Supervisor and M. Pilavendran, Health Worker meet residents of Nattamangalam village, Mettur on 09 September, 2010

Communication occupies an important place in our performance. The importance is to reach out to people and make them aware of an accessible health care and to prevent disability and chest infection. Eighteen villages at Mettur were visited this year.
The Health supervisor and his team of three Health Workers visit residents of villages, primary schools and day care centre’s at Mettur. Usually the visit is followed by a clinic at Navapatty. Duration of such visits is between 10 AM. to 4 PM.
At Omalur, the team approach patients who come to the centre for screening to spread the word in their respective villages. We had already conducted an extensive awareness and screening programme for school children and community in 2008 and 2009.
The team approach residents with an introduction of our centre’s and people who are involved. Accessible health care explained and how they could approach it. Early sings in Leprosy, Tuberculosis and their consequences explained to them.
Around 60 skin and general medical camps were conducted at Mettur that covered 165 villages, between 1999 to 2003. People are not aware of the change in location of centre and considering the difficulties in commuting it takes time to respond.
We have had good response from our visits this year and comparatively the case finding in Leprosy is more at Navapatty than at Omalur. Early Leprosy affects good number of women and children. Almost fifty percent of Leprosy detection is at Navapatty from less than ten percent of 2429 consultations this year.

Pictures on left in order of sequence;
Team at public transport stop at Chekanoor village, Mettur on 15 July
Health Supervisor with workers at Cauvery Cross village, Mettur on 12 August
Day Care visit at Gundur village, Mettur on 09 September
Team visit resident of Chekanoor village, Mettur on 23 September
A link is provided to view communication in August Clinics;

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